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Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS | Crown Lengthening Treatment in Newark

Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS / Board Certified,  American Board of Periodontology
Fellow, Midwest Implant Institute



Crown Lengthening Treatment

What is Crown lengthening?

When teeth break or chip off, or a cavity extends below the gum line, it becomes impossible for the dentist to get to the edge of the fracture or cavity to finish the restoration.   In such a case, it becomes necessary for the periodontist to expose the edge of the fracture/cavity by surgically moving the gums and bone back a little in that area.   The dentist can then access the edge of the chip or cavity in order to make a better fitting, more durable crown or bridge restoration. 

Crown lengthening is also occasionally used when a tooth is too short to hold a crown on.  If the crown is placed in this situation, it is likely to keep falling off.   The periodontist can provide crown lengthening surgery to move the gums back just a little to make the tooth longer so that the new crown will have more exposed tooth to hold it in place to prevent the crown from coming loose. 

Another instance in which crown lengthening is often helpful is for the patient who has what is called a “gummy smile”.   When the patient smiles, the upper front teeth appear short and an excessive amount of gum shows in the smile.  In this situation, the periodontist can move the gums up the teeth so that more of each tooth (and less gum) shows for an overall whiter, more “toothy" smile.