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Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS | Repair of Root Restoration in Newark

Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS / Board Certified,  American Board of Periodontology
Fellow, Midwest Implant Institute



Repair of Root Resorption


Normally the cells around the teeth know the difference between tooth and bone.  Tooth structure is not replaced over time whereas bone is replaced continuously in the human body.  The bone you have today will be turned over in the next couple of years so that your skeleton is constantly changing.  Teeth are not "turned over."   However, sometimes the cells along the root surface become disoriented and instead of recognizing the tooth as a tooth, they think that it is bone. In these instances, the bone cells begin to "eat into" the root surface in order to turn it into bone.  The result is either an enlarging hole in the root or bone replacement of the root which continues until, eventually, the tooth breaks off.  Usually this occurs several years after a blow to the area (car accident or other incident that causes a blow to the tooth/teeth).  When this occurs, if caught soon enough (it can happen very quickly in some cases), it can be repaired by opening the gums, cleaning out the bad cells, and placing of a restoration to repair the invasion and stop this condition.  It is very important afterwards to keep the area very clean.  Research has shown that a major component that also contributes to the resorption process is inflammation resulting from bacteria accumulation on the tooth.