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Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS | Surgical treatment in Newark

Geoffrey R. Bauman, DMD, MS / Board Certified,  American Board of Periodontology
Fellow, Midwest Implant Institute



Surgical treatment

POCKET ELIMINATION SURGERY (Osseous Surgery, Regeneration Surgery)

The main indication for gum surgery to treat Periodontitis (gum disease) is to eliminate pockets (deep ditches around the teeth)  in which bacteria can hide from the patient's flossing and brushing.  If the pockets were not resolved by root planing (or were not expected to resolve because they were too deep to begin with), then it means that the bone underneath the gum is too irregular (jagged) and the gums can't shrink enough to resolve the pocket.   Therefore, the gums must be opened surgically and the bone smoothed or  grafted in order to eliminate the pocket.  Any of several methods may be used to reduce the pockets and/or encourage bone re-growth.  Dr. Bauman will determine what type of surgery best applies to the patient's situation and make a recommendation.